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What are Psychometric assessments?

*  Psycho = mind Metric = measure
*  Psychometrics is used to assess the character strengths and weaknesses of a
   candidate, providing profiles of their suitability for a position.

How can I prepare?

*  The simple answer is - you can't.  Unlike exams, psychometrics are not testing
    your knowledge or memory.

Personality Questionnaires;

These measure your personal characteristics and qualities such as:

*  How you relate to other people

*  Your work style

*  Your ability to deal with emotions (yours and other people's)

*  Your motivation, determination and general outlook

*  Your ability to handle stress

There are no right and wrong answers.  Be yourself.  It sounds corny, but if you try to guess what they want you to put, you will distort the results and may end up doing more harm than good.  Also - do you want a job you're not really suited to?